Organic Chemistry Lab 213

Freshman year, spring 2020:

I got my very own white lab coat. Best. Class. EVER. I am not even going to lie this class was scary, but once again my professor made it the best experience I could have hoped for. When going into the lab there is no telling what might happen from dropping a test tube to spilling something and truly being scared to clean it up. However, those thoughts were going through everyone’s head, no one really knew what they were doing no matter how many times they read the lab manual or ask a question. This class truly gave me the experience of what being in an experimental lab is like. I had gasoline poured on me and I had no idea what it was at the time and I freaked out, but in the end, it was fine.

It was so neat for a lack of better words to see the topics the lecture went over-applied in real-time, yeah you can listen to a professor talk for days and still not really understand what is going on. Realistically were doing simple things such as extracting or mixing different things together to get another. Through this, actually doing organic chemistry taught me to trust the process. It may not be perfect the first time, but its something. There is only room for improvement and there are always going to be people there to help you along the way.

The final literature review was also a learning experience for me as I had never read a scientific article related to chemistry, especially organic chemistry. When first reading the article I had no idea what to think, after the sixth time, still lost. Though with the guidance I was able to connect the pieces together. There is no straight shot answer to these types of things and that applies to most things in life as well. While some might wish the world was black and white, I am thankful it is not, it is more interesting this way.

Click here for my artifact from this class, my literature review.