Organic Chemistry Lab 2

Sophomore year, 2021 fall:

This class was defiantly different, but a good different. I decided that I did not want to look at this year full of adversity as something bad but rather a test of my true character to continue to be optimistic. Organic chemistry lab 2 was an amazing class, but in the times of covid we had to be socially distance and respectful of the virus, therefore no lab partners and face masks with lab glasses (aka foggy glasses).

I was very independent in this class, while I usually depend greatly on my lab partner for guidance and reassurance. With this gained confidence I was able to fully grasp the concepts in the class and feel the connection to the real world application. I am so thankful for an amazing professor in this subject because through his carefully explained procedures I could grasp new subjects within the realm of applicable organic chemistry.

My artifact for Organic Chemistry Lab 2 can be found here.