Organic Chemistry 212

Sophomore year, fall 2020:

Organic chemistry 2, wow, just wow, it was honestly refreshing this was the only class that I was able to attend fully in person. This seems like something I would have never said a year ago but here I am in a totally new world with very, very different challenges. I enjoyed this class so much because of the true challenge it prosed, every class was a new perspective and more of an introspective look into the world of carbons.

All of my friends were in this class with me and it gave us the opportunity to get some quality library hours under our belt. This class intimidated me, well as they all do but finally the groove set in and I was ready for the most challenging class of my higher education. My professor made this otherworldly information seem so relevant and comprehensible.

There were so many tears shed during this class, especially during the tests. These tests truly tested my endurance, they were long and full of agony filled questions that seemed impossible. I took away determination from this class, I always was able to push past the endeavors of this course and continue to push forward and do my best. Giving 110% is so important to me, I never want t regret how much I pushed myself to do my best in my education, because my education is truly my passion and organic chemistry is a close second. (;

My artifact for this class can be found here, my poem on organic chemistry.