Organic Chemistry 211

Freshman year, spring 2020:

Wow, my first semester of organic chemistry is over… I never thought this day would come. Organic chemistry is everything that everyone says, and more. Dr. Yeagley liked to refer to it as a belief system because no one really knows why it is so hard. Other than the fact that I was completely and utterly terrified of taking this class and failure, I am so glad I did. I am also so thankful for such an amazing professor to lead me through this course.

I have always been partial to chemistry the fundamentals intertwine with the rest of the life sciences. Just when you start to learn everything there is to learn and there is no way that things can get more complex, it just does. This class defiantly taught me how to draw organic molecules fast enough but precise enough to study later. As Dr. Yeagley says ART 101 was a pre-rec (haha). Some days I felt like I couldn’t keep up or I just could NOT understand, but finally, I would catch up and finally understand. I may have failed Advanced Resonance three times but this class taught me that no matter how hard it may seem to not give up on your goals. I had a C mid-semester and by the end, I had an A+.

However, it may seem that all college is about is the grades but it is not, no way. First, there has to be a motivation to learn what is presented no matter what it is. That is the only way to make it through college, the need for knowledge. If there is no other path to gaining anything applicable to the real world. Somehow, in some weird way, organic chemistry taught me that.

Click here for my artifact for this class, my notes on some scary stuff.