French 111

Sophomore year, fall 2020:

I love the french language. I took both French and Spanish in high school and I immediately felt a connection with this foreign language and that love has carried over to my higher education. This class was my only fully online class. This proved to be challenged as I found it continuously hard to prepare for the class in the mornings rather than just sleeping in until the last moment possible. Self-discipline was drilled into my head during this class, and my love for French was rekindled. The culture surrounding the French language is something that I have the utmost respect for as it is an experience that everyone should strive for. The well-rounded cultured individuals are the ones that excel in the world outside of the sheltered child society that has been created over the years of continuous rage and social uproar called the United States.

I love the set up of this course, learning a new concept or a set of vocabulary only to have a quiz the next day demanded time and patience for the practice of something that seems unnatural. I have always felt that society should be taught a foreign language at a younger age when our minds are more absorbent of these strange concepts for an alternative speech. Nevertheless, I tried to maintain my skills and continuously work towards the use of this language in my everyday life as practice makes perfect, and if you do not use it you lose it. On to the next one, aka French 211.

My artifact can be found here, my project for a french speaking country!