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Throughout this internship I have learned a lot and gained a lot. I have faced challenges and gained so many life lessons that I could not imagine not having now. Some of the challenges I have faced was learning that although there is a lot of work to be done, some things rely on other people and response when considering sending emails. Having to wait to start the next step of the project can be difficult. Another challenge I faced was having road blocks. When dealing with other schedules it can be hard to get what you need to done. I was an advisor for a committee and that involved having a meeting with Dr. Tim Pearson. He had to reschedule at one point which then forced us to have to push back our meetings as well as not being able to tell the committee what exactly was going on. That lead to me feeling like me graduating was leaving them in a tight spot because they had not been guided enough simply because I as their committee advisor did not know all of the information that I needed to know.

All that I learned and all of the challenges I have faced made me realize that the world is a messy place and things do not always go as planned. These types of challenges have given me perspective when looking at going into event planning and student affairs one day. In event planning there is much room for error as well as changes. Understanding and accepting the fact that most of the time, until an event is actually happening most of the time things will not go as exactly planned. As well with student affairs. Students lives change every single day and understanding that working with what you have in the moment is most important with everything a person does. These have lead me to looking more into jobs of event planning because there is much room for challenges but each challenge will lead you to gaining new experiences.

I am have gained the skills I wrote about in my first blog post. I have bettered my public speaking skills as well as how to put plans into actions. With event planning I will be creating an event that will happen in the future and understanding, like I wrote about earlier, is that everything will work out the way it is meant to. It will be hard and sometimes it will be easier. But each experiences I will gain new knowledge and knew skills.

I have achieved much of what I set out to when making my performance evaluation. I have focused a lot on the Greek Housing Committee because I have become passionate about the greek committee having places to feel comfortable in this community. In light of all that has been happening in our Greek committee I believe that has a school and as an intern in the Greek Office, we are not ready to make new organizations truly come on this campus yet. I have laid the ground work but as of now, that goal was stopped until the next intern comes in. As far as reaching out to other schools that did not email me back, I have come up with a better system to get these independent greeks a way to stand out. After hearing back from these organizations,  I have realized that much of what they want is to be heard and be recognized. Not so much governed, just heard. There will be new steps put into place when the next years intern is taking over.

This group of people that mentored me throughout this internship have changed my entire world. I have learned so much about Longwood both within the greek committee and has a school as a whole. Having my internship supervisor made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. I can change this committee whenever I want to. I have gained so much new respect for the NPHC committee as well as greek life as a whole.

I would highly suggest this internship to other people in the Greek committee.  My suggestions would be to take it all one day at a time. In the beginning of this internship I wanted to do so much all the time to fulfill each of my tasks. But spreading it out when things get overwhelming. As well as enjoy this committee that we have here. Its a special place to be.

College Responces – Sheet1

With this article of work, this is how I would try and keep track of all of the responses and what I would get from them.

Proposal-Independent Greek Council

This is the proposal I created in order to explain to my supervisor that although it is a create idea to create a council for the independent greek concil the first step is to get them more recognized within Longwood’s community. There is a SWOT analysis as well as explanation of the event I have created.


My committee heads and I had a meeting with Tim Pearson about the next steps that need to be taken with our committee to assure that the Greek Community will get what they deserve at some point in the future. These are the minutes that I had to relay to the at large committee members.


This is the document I created to keep track of each task for the committee and each member under each committee head. There is also a timeline of what we wanted to do before Tim Pearson had to reschedule.


After our meeting with Tim Pearson I created a proposal outline for the next intern that will be continuing in my place. This will be send to someone about what we want from the committee and wanting to work with the university to better our relationship with them.


Overall, this internship is everything I needed and more. I am very thankful.



At Greek Awards


Last day at my internship

Journal 5

Through my internship, I have seen many different types of communication. One theory that stands out to me in my internship is Communication Accommodation Theory. This theory states that people have tendency to change their behavior while having interactions. Being an advisor for a small committee I see people’s behaviors change a lot while speaking on a topic that affects a large group of people. With the Greek Housing Committee this affects more people in the future as well as the larger minority group. The fraternity men and the NPHC members are the ones that are affected most in the committee. These groups do not have meeting spaces among this campus. While the CPC members have an entire dorm. Watching these members talk and seeing their behavior changes every time a new topic gets brought up or a suggestion they do not like is interesting. I oversee all of these talks and it is interesting to see not only their actions change but the way the speak as well. With these topics, it will affect them longterm and seeing how passionate they get when we speak of these events and movement to make this campus more united. 

Another theory that I have seen is Standpoint Theory. This theory explains how day to day experience influence and change people’s opinions. Through this internship and working in the Greek Office I have seen organizations change and drama happen causes my opinion and my superiors change because of these experiences. One of my task is to make a SWOT analysis   of the possibly of having more multi-cultural organizations on campus. In light of all of the issues that this campus has dealt with hazing and Longwood’s campus is not ready to start up an entire new organization. The standpoint theory made me also realize how much my opinions can be changed by the situations around me. In the beginning of my internship I thought having more multi-cultural organizations on campus could bring the campus together, but after working so closely in the Greek office I realize that we need to unite the community before bringing more groups in.


Journal 4

Three classes I have taken that helped me prepare for my internship is conflict resolutions, interpersonal communication, and publication writing classes. The conflict resolution class taught me how to deal with conflict, which is self-explanatory when looking at the name of the class but it taught me so much more than how to resolve a conflict. It taught me that conflict is okay, but also that in certain situations the best thing to do learn from the mistakes and admit what has happened. Applying that to be internship in the Greek Office, has helped me because running a committee can be frustrating when dealing with a group of 12 people and understanding how to approach a conflict is important. My interpersonal communication class it taught me so much about how each relationship with people are different. There is a different relationship with someone you work with; there is a different relationship with your professors, and so on. For this internship this class helped me understand communication between different relationships. The way I speak to my bosses versus the people I talk to in my committee as well as over email is different. Understanding the level of professionalism as well as the way to carry myself is important and my interpersonal communication class taught me that. Lastly, public speaking all the way back during freshman year. I have learned how to public speak all through out college but I will never forget when giving a speech the things that I did wrong or could have done better. That has helped me with this internship simply because I know how to speak to many groups of people and what to do and not do when I’m nervous. I used to play with my jewelry and now I don’t wear any at all during any type of public speaking or meeting. Overall, with all of the classes I have taken at my almost 4 years of college have been good for this internship simply because I have learned so many different things.

Journal 3

Since my last post I have learned a lot. I have learned more so what I will be doing with the Greek Housing Committee. I have learned that its hard to schedule a meeting for a lot of people. I have learned the patience of waiting as well. I have learned how to use doodle poll (which is silly but had never used it before). I have better my experiences with SWOT analysis, which will help me in the future when dealing with not only future jobs, but also life experiences.

The challenges I have faced go along with the Greek Housing Committee. Realizing it is very hard to make everyone happy and go along with everyone’s schedules. Also being in charge of a lot of people comes with a lot of pressure. I am excited but also nervous to officially get started with the committee. Other challenges I have faced is being able to get all of the information needed for all three tasks. Each require a different type of attention.

All of the experiences that I have dealt with thus far have helped with my future greatly. I have started to learn more patience, I have learned that being charge of a group of people can be overwhelming but that I can do it. I have learned that the people around really become close with one another simply because we are together all the time. Whether that is going to impact my future directly, it has helped with how I am feeling about going into the “real world”. I want to go into Higher Education, student affairs and with that I want to help people. This internship has given me tasks that are creating plans that will benefits larges group of people in the future, and I hope to come back in 5-10 years to see how the beginnings of my work impacted Longwood as a whole.

Journal 2

Since the start of my internship I have learned a lot of new information about Student Affairs. There are so many people and different aspects that go into student affairs. There are student organizations that need to be overseen; there are programs that need to be developed and overall students to be taught. I have learned to better my research skills and that waiting for emails can be annoying. As well as learning how to send an appropriate and professional, detailed email to get the information that is needed. Getting the information across in the best way possible for each school I have emailed has been a challenge. Each school has a different way of structuring student organizations. Understanding and learning how each school structure their organizations will help me learn for the future how Longwood can and should structure their governing body for the non-social Greek student organizations.

Some of the challenges I have faced so far are being able to get information and emails back from some schools. As well as knowing what exactly to research. Each school is different and has a different way of overseeing their organizations. Other challenges I have faced is knowing how to possibly start an Multicultural Greek council. There is a lot that goes into starting an organization and I have started to figure out what exactly all that goes into that incase one day Longwood wants to start a council.

This internship has opened my eyes to what I want to do after graduation. My supervisors have changed my world with this internship because I have found something that I am interested in. What I am doing with this internship will hopefully change the non-greek student organizations one day. I want to help students in college figure out what they want to do with their futures. Before I met all the people in the Greek Office I had no clue of what I wanted to do. This internship has just reinforced the feeling of wanting to help and build the communities and student lives. This internship has opened my eyes to so many new opportunities.


During this internship I will be doing 3 different tasks. One will be researching other institutions organizational structure for organizations that operate independent of Fraternity and Sorority Life. This research will later help when creating a council for the independent greek organizations. My goal is to create this council so that other organizations will feel included in greek life as well as have an overall governing body to help them succeed. The second task will be is conducting research regarding the history and implementation of NMGC on college campus’ similar to Longwood University. NMGC is the National Multicultural Greek Council which has 11 different organizations under the council. With this research I will be putting together a SWOT analysis to look at each aspect of possibly being approached and asked to have these orgaznations on our campus. The last task I will been completing will be on the Greek Housing Committee. I will serve in assistance to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life as a co-advisor to the Greek Housing Committee. I will attend Greek Housing Committee meetings and serve in assistance to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life as a co-advisor to the Greek Housing Committee.

The skills I have for this internship will be researching, using google docs, possibly pubic speaking and being able to communicate with other organizations. My senior research classes has helped me with these skills and I will be able to do these jobs better with knowing what to expect.

This internship will teach will help me gain skills in more public speaking but more importantly how to create a plan that will hopefully one day be put in place. I will gain skills to putting together a SWOT analysis which I have never done. Overall I will learn how to better myself from all these experiences.