Journal 5

Through my internship, I have seen many different types of communication. One theory that stands out to me in my internship is Communication Accommodation Theory. This theory states that people have tendency to change their behavior while having interactions. Being an advisor for a small committee I see people’s behaviors change a lot while speaking on a topic that affects a large group of people. With the Greek Housing Committee this affects more people in the future as well as the larger minority group. The fraternity men and the NPHC members are the ones that are affected most in the committee. These groups do not have meeting spaces among this campus. While the CPC members have an entire dorm. Watching these members talk and seeing their behavior changes every time a new topic gets brought up or a suggestion they do not like is interesting. I oversee all of these talks and it is interesting to see not only their actions change but the way the speak as well. With these topics, it will affect them longterm and seeing how passionate they get when we speak of these events and movement to make this campus more united. 

Another theory that I have seen is Standpoint Theory. This theory explains how day to day experience influence and change people’s opinions. Through this internship and working in the Greek Office I have seen organizations change and drama happen causes my opinion and my superiors change because of these experiences. One of my task is to make a SWOT analysis   of the possibly of having more multi-cultural organizations on campus. In light of all of the issues that this campus has dealt with hazing and Longwood’s campus is not ready to start up an entire new organization. The standpoint theory made me also realize how much my opinions can be changed by the situations around me. In the beginning of my internship I thought having more multi-cultural organizations on campus could bring the campus together, but after working so closely in the Greek office I realize that we need to unite the community before bringing more groups in.