Journal 4

Three classes I have taken that helped me prepare for my internship is conflict resolutions, interpersonal communication, and publication writing classes. The conflict resolution class taught me how to deal with conflict, which is self-explanatory when looking at the name of the class but it taught me so much more than how to resolve a conflict. It taught me that conflict is okay, but also that in certain situations the best thing to do learn from the mistakes and admit what has happened. Applying that to be internship in the Greek Office, has helped me because running a committee can be frustrating when dealing with a group of 12 people and understanding how to approach a conflict is important. My interpersonal communication class it taught me so much about how each relationship with people are different. There is a different relationship with someone you work with; there is a different relationship with your professors, and so on. For this internship this class helped me understand communication between different relationships. The way I speak to my bosses versus the people I talk to in my committee as well as over email is different. Understanding the level of professionalism as well as the way to carry myself is important and my interpersonal communication class taught me that. Lastly, public speaking all the way back during freshman year. I have learned how to public speak all through out college but I will never forget when giving a speech the things that I did wrong or could have done better. That has helped me with this internship simply because I know how to speak to many groups of people and what to do and not do when I’m nervous. I used to play with my jewelry and now I don’t wear any at all during any type of public speaking or meeting. Overall, with all of the classes I have taken at my almost 4 years of college have been good for this internship simply because I have learned so many different things.