Journal 3

Since my last post I have learned a lot. I have learned more so what I will be doing with the Greek Housing Committee. I have learned that its hard to schedule a meeting for a lot of people. I have learned the patience of waiting as well. I have learned how to use doodle poll (which is silly but had never used it before). I have better my experiences with SWOT analysis, which will help me in the future when dealing with not only future jobs, but also life experiences.

The challenges I have faced go along with the Greek Housing Committee. Realizing it is very hard to make everyone happy and go along with everyone’s schedules. Also being in charge of a lot of people comes with a lot of pressure. I am excited but also nervous to officially get started with the committee. Other challenges I have faced is being able to get all of the information needed for all three tasks. Each require a different type of attention.

All of the experiences that I have dealt with thus far have helped with my future greatly. I have started to learn more patience, I have learned that being charge of a group of people can be overwhelming but that I can do it. I have learned that the people around really become close with one another simply because we are together all the time. Whether that is going to impact my future directly, it has helped with how I am feeling about going into the “real world”. I want to go into Higher Education, student affairs and with that I want to help people. This internship has given me tasks that are creating plans that will benefits larges group of people in the future, and I hope to come back in 5-10 years to see how the beginnings of my work impacted Longwood as a whole.