Journal 2

Since the start of my internship I have learned a lot of new information about Student Affairs. There are so many people and different aspects that go into student affairs. There are student organizations that need to be overseen; there are programs that need to be developed and overall students to be taught. I have learned to better my research skills and that waiting for emails can be annoying. As well as learning how to send an appropriate and professional, detailed email to get the information that is needed. Getting the information across in the best way possible for each school I have emailed has been a challenge. Each school has a different way of structuring student organizations. Understanding and learning how each school structure their organizations will help me learn for the future how Longwood can and should structure their governing body for the non-social Greek student organizations.

Some of the challenges I have faced so far are being able to get information and emails back from some schools. As well as knowing what exactly to research. Each school is different and has a different way of overseeing their organizations. Other challenges I have faced is knowing how to possibly start an Multicultural Greek council. There is a lot that goes into starting an organization and I have started to figure out what exactly all that goes into that incase one day Longwood wants to start a council.

This internship has opened my eyes to what I want to do after graduation. My supervisors have changed my world with this internship because I have found something that I am interested in. What I am doing with this internship will hopefully change the non-greek student organizations one day. I want to help students in college figure out what they want to do with their futures. Before I met all the people in the Greek Office I had no clue of what I wanted to do. This internship has just reinforced the feeling of wanting to help and build the communities and student lives. This internship has opened my eyes to so many new opportunities.