Fiscal Capacity

In many cases state and federal mandates come to schools under funded. Even with the additional funding for low capacity school divisions, funding is inadequate. As a result, school principals are faced with decisions about the level and types of programs that can be provided for their students.

With budget shortfalls you, as principal, must make a decision between your honor classes and your remedial classes.  You are faced with the decision to either maintain your honor classes for that serves 50 students or reduce your remedial reading and math classes, that serve 200 students?

What decision will you make?

What financial factors need to be considered in making your decision?

From a financial perspective it would make more sense to keep the honor classes and reduce the remedial class because you would need less staffing.  However, from an educational perspective, I feel that our efforts should be focused on the remedial students  They are the students that have higher needs and require more instruction to try and close the gap.  I would also be serving about four times as many students.  To me, that means more bang for my buck.
Being fiscally responsible is definitely an important attribute to have as a principal, but at the end of the day, it is the human factor of the job that should be of most importance.  My job as a principal is to ensure that students are given every opportunity to be successful.  The honor students have shown that they are successful and while they still need to be enriched and challenged, the funds I am given would be better utilized serving the remedial population – they are the most needy and it would help more students overall. I feel that I would be able to find alternate ways to enrich the honor students or come up with an alternative plan that would not require more funding.  The only way we are going to close the gap for low-achieving students is to keep the class sizes lower and have as much staff as possible to be able to work with these students.

Jul 2017

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