Assessment and Use of Data

Assessments and Purposes:


  • Developmental Spelling Analysis – Given 3x per year to measure spelling level
  • Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment – Given 2x per year to measure reading level
  • Running Records – given several times a year to measure reading level
  • Hanover County Reading Benchmark – given 2xs per year. Created by County Language Arts Specialist
  • Virginia Reading SOL Test
  • Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Program – this is for students reading below grade level and/or with failing SOL scores
  • Writing Rubric – used to assess writing skills – given several times a year.
  • Teacher created assessments used to assess units of instruction



  • Pre and Post Assessments – teacher created and used to assess units of instruction
  • Hanover County Math Benchmark – 3xs per year
  • Dreambox Learning – Computer program that differentiates
  • Compacted Math Assessment/Rubric – given at the end of 3rd and 4th grade to determine if a student qualifies for accelerated math in 4th and 5th grade.


Other Subjects:

  • Teacher created assessments used to assess units of instruction
  • Virginia Studies SOL and Science SOL



  • PGP – assesses teachers on 7 standards including student achievement which is data driven.


How is data currently being used in your school and/or in your school division for planning and improvement?


Data Days:

Each grade level meets once a quarter to analyze their grade level’s data.  The data we look at is usually our SOL scores, benchmark tests, and Fountas and Pinnell Running Record data – it is used to mostly pinpoint the low-achieving students and what we can do to bring them up to grade level.

Teachers use data to drive their instruction and planning in their individual classroom.

Our School Improvement team analyzes data as well:  SOL data, parent, staff, and student surveys created by the county, and feedback from AdvanceED visits.


In your school/division, what data is shared with teachers, parents, community?


  • For the most part, all data is shared with teachers
  • Parents and Community have access to SOL data once it is released by the state
  • We have parents on our School Improvement team who see the data from AdvanceEd as well as what was on the parent and student surveys.


What data do you believe is not currently being collected that might be beneficial for decision making and planning?


  • We are lacking in math assessments.  We have a lot in reading but very few common math assessments.  Everyone basically does their own thing.
  • The compacted math rubric is county-wide but we didn’t stick to it either.  Students are supposed to get a certain score in order to take the accelerated math class.  However, since very few students make that benchmark, we fill the class with “others” who will think will be able to handle it.  I don’t understand why we have an assessment if we aren’t going to use it properly!
  • We have PD on how to build assessments but no time to work on them and very little collaboration across the county – we should be working smarter not harder.
  • We have staff surveys but don’t always see that our input was taken seriously and things don’t change so people get discouraged from taking them or putting time and effort into their answers.
  • The student and parent survey is generated from the county and is very wordy and confusing.  I think it would be more beneficial for each school to develop their own survey that would give them the data that pertains to the information they want to know from their stakeholders.
Jul 2017

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