Empowering Students

I empower my students by providing them with opportunities to feel confident, capable, successful, and important.  I do this by:

  1. Giving them a voice in their learning – I am constantly asking them for their feedback and allowing them to vote on certain classroom decisions. I also use a lot of surveys and conferencing to help gauge how students are feeling and what they like/dislike.
  2. I give them choice in their learning – I am not always telling them what they have to do. I give them options and let them pick what they’d like to do.  We also work on passion projects where they get to just focus on area they are passionate about.
  3. I help them make goals for themselves and we are constantly reflecting on them.
  4. I model and teach them how to have a growth mindset not a fixed mindset.  Only growth mindset phrases are allowed in our room.
  5. I incorporate the 7 habits of highly effective students into my instruction as well as follow Mr. Covey’s suggestions from his Leader in Me book.
  6. I strive to make my lessons relevant and show them the real life connection as much as possible.
  7. I encourage them to do their best, push them to take risks, and praise them for trying as well as for succeeding!

I am a firm believer in proactive teaching as well as the use of positive behavior supports. I try to anticipate what will happen and when, rather than waiting for something to occur and then react.  I create a caring, trusting, and respectful environment in my classroom with clearly defined expectations.  I spend a lot of time modeling what appropriate and inappropriate behaviors look like and sounds like.  I don’t give up nor do I give in.  I allow my students to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and accept responsibility for their actions and feelings.

Nov 2016

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