Encourage the Heart – Motivation and Morale

Every person is different and is motivated in different ways.  Like I have said many times, relationships are key!  You have to know who you have working for you in order to know what motivates them, and how they’d like to be recognized or made to feel appreciated.  Some people like words of affirmation where others like “things” such as green lights (where they can leave early) or jeans’ days.


I think I would periodically conduct anonymous surveys to find out how my staff is feeling and ask them for suggestions on some things that they would help them to feel appreciated and recognized.  I would be sure that I am visible and know what is going on in their rooms so I am able to recognize them often because I am will be aware of all the amazing things they are doing.  I think I would also take time to talk to the students to see how they are feeling about their classroom so that I could recognize teachers for things that I may not necessarily see or know about.


I would also be sure that if I am asking them to buy into a new initiative, that they know the reason and the vision behind it.  I would also make sure that I am right there in the trenches with them.   I don’t want to just stand in front of them and speak about something I haven’t tried or have no experience with.  I want them to know that I understand what I am asking them to do and I appreciate their support and hard work.  I am a firm believer that people who feel appreciated will always work harder than those who don’t.


When my staff describes me, these are a few of the adjectives that I hope they will use;

  • Fair, firm, and consistent
  • Approachable, supportive, and understanding
  • Personable and compassionate
  • Visible and aware
  • Trustworthy, honest, and genuine
  • Teacher at heart who loves children
Nov 2016

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