Decision Making

Explain how you as a teacher had to change a decision (reversibility) and why you made the change? Who did it impact and in what way(scope)?

A time when I had to change a decision was a few years ago when I was teaching 2nd grade.  I had a class of 22 students and 10 of them had IEPs which meant I was teaching collaboratively with one of our SPED teachers.   One day, she confided in me that she was really worried about another student on our grade level who wasn’t having his needs met or services covered effectively.  She felt that his self-esteem was suffering because of it which broke her heart.  That night, I could not get that little boy off my mind.  I definitely had my hands full in my own room but I couldn’t stand the thought of a student not getting what he deserves.  The next morning, I told the SPED teacher that I wanted that student moved into my room where his needs could be met appropriately.  We went to the principal and explained our plan and our reasonings behind it.  She spoke with the parent and allowed the change.  The student transitioned into our room with ease and began to flourish.

This change affected everyone in my room.  I now had another student to care for and be responsible for.  The SPED teacher now had the opportunity to stay in my room longer to service all the needs instead of feeling like she was being pulled between the classes.  The student who came in was now able to feel more comfortable and successful because he was now in a cluster of students who were closer to his instructional ability.  The other students in my room were affected because a new personality was brought into the mix.  Overall, I felt that the change was a positive one for everybody.  We had such success with that group that we begged to loop with them.

Nov 2016

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