Conflict Management

I think conflict becomes detrimental to the school culture when the conflict(s) affect the overall morale of the staff.  If a staff is constantly at odds with each other and/or the administration then negativity will take over and our students will suffer.  I would try to minimize conflict by being an active listener and observer in my building.  I would hope that I would be aware of the climate of my building at all times or at least be making a daily, cognitive effort to be visible, approachable, and available to my staff.  I would work very hard to earn the trust of my staff and treat them fairly and respectfully.  In return, I would expect that if there were issues, we would have the type of relationship where we could discuss the issues and come to a peaceful agreement.  I think conflicts get out of hand when they aren’t addressed quickly and effectively.   If I am made aware of a situation/conflict, I will go directly to the source and try to defuse the problem quickly and respectfully.  I also think that if teachers don’t feel like they are being heard and/or cared about, they will be more likely to be negative and cause conflicts  I want my staff to know that I have walked in their shoes and I am here as a resource to help them whenever they need it.  I feel that if I set the example of a respectful and collaborative relationship builder, then my staff will follow and treat each other the same way.

Nov 2016

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