The first thing that I would do would be to create a survey to send to all stakeholders that would give me feedback about where the breakdown in communication is.  I would make sure that the survey also asked what types of technology the stakeholders have available and which types of technology based communication tools they use most often (i.e – Facebook, Twitter, Website, Email, etc.).  Once I have received and analyzed the data, I would choose the best mode to use to improve communication.


If I had to guess, I would say the the method of technology mostly often used by teachers and parents for communication would be email and Facebook.  People like to have their information at their fingertips.  I have recently come across an app called Bloomz.  It is similar to a Facebook page.  I would use this as a way to communicate a variety of information to my stakeholders.  It has a calendar piece where you can schedule events and send invites.  People are also able to RSVP.  You can write posts and make announcements and you can set whether or not people can comment on your posts or not.  Whenever something is posted, an alert is also sent to everyone’s email.  You have the ability to set up several different pages.  I would most likely have one just for staff members and one for parents/community members.  This is a great tool because people are able to communicate with each other and not just with the administrator but all the information is located in one place.  I will use the data from my survey to determine what types of information are posted using the online tool versus what types of information call for a face-face meeting or conversation.


The best way for me to model great communication is to first earn their trust and then show them that I am interested in who they are, what they do, and most of all, that I recognize and appreciate what they do for our students and building.  I will also show them that I am not the only communicator in the building, I am just as interested in listening as I am in speaking.

Nov 2016

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