I think that in order for change to be implemented successfully, the first and most important step is to establish relationships between the administration team and staff.  As an administrator, my first goal will be to create relationships with my staff that are built on trust and mutual respect.  I also plan to be as transparent as possible to help my staff learn to trust me.  I want to make sure that I share my vision with them so they understand what I am trying to do and why.  This way when a change is needed, I have already laid that foundation, and my staff will be able to trust and know that I am initiating this change for the right reasons.   I don’t believe that any one person can be responsible for the change.  In order for the change to happen and be a sustainable change, the administrator will have to his or her staff to “buy in”.  I think the best way to ensure that this happens is also through those mutual respectful and trusting relationships with others.  If you have these, your staff will believe in what you are trying to do and want to help you implement the proposed change. I also think if you have those relationships with others, even if they don’t completely agree with your decision or idea, they will still respect your decision and maybe even take a leap of faith with the new idea or initiative.  I also think the change needs to happen slowly to allow everyone time to adapt to the new ideas.  I would also be sure to collect feedback and take other’s feelings, opinions, and ideas into consideration and make adjustments as necessary.

Nov 2016

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