Beginning Challenges

There are many advantages to being promoted to an administration position within the school where you have already worked.  One of the biggest advantages would be that I already know the staff.  Since relationships are so important to me, I think it would be helpful that I already (hopefully) have a personal relationship with each of the people who I would now be leading.  I would also already be aware of the culture of the building.  Having already worked at the school would also allow me to be knowledgeable in regards to the population and community the school serves.  I also would have had the opportunity to create relationships with parents and I feel like that would help me be more comfortable and confident when having to deal with parents.  Also, since I chose to accept the position, I would not only be aware of but be in agreeance with the vision, mission, and beliefs of the school and division.


There are also several disadvantages to working in the same building where you were a teacher.  I think it would definitely be hard to shift from friend/colleague to superior/colleague.  Many of my coworkers seem very comfortable venting and sharing things with me, I am afraid that this would change if I were promoted.  I think this would lead to feeling like an outsider which may be hard at first.  I think it could also be even more awkward when you have to have some of those tough conversations with your teachers that you are tasked to have when you are an administrator..  Another fear I would have with this situation is if I had allowed staff members to know that I disagreed with the principal and/or school division before as a teacher, but then had to be part of enforcing that same thing because of my new position.  I think that would be the hardest for me, personally.

Nov 2016

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