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Share your vision of a teaching and learning organization where the main focus is on the enhancement of overall student achievement.

I am a collaborative, student-centered, relationship building, dedicated educator who is committed to making a difference in the lives of each and every student and staff member in my building.  I value respectfulness, relationships, teamwork, and collaboration.

I plan to create and cultivate a culture of respect, trust, and empowerment in my building.  I will stand up for what I know is right and will always put students’ engagement, achievement, and well-being first and foremost.  I will earn my staff’s trust and respect by being a transparent administrator who communicates and models her beliefs and vision.  I will be an inspirational and instructional leader of my building who holds high expectations of my staff.  I will not just “talk the talk” but be the person who also “walks the walks”.  I will make it my business to know what is going on at all times in my building.  I will be present and involved with all stakeholders. I will not be afraid to be the agent of change.

Relationship building is key to a successful collaboration between administration and staff.  I will build a relationship with each staff member so that I know their strengths and weaknesses.  If I have staff members who are weak instructors, I will give them the support they need to become better.  This may mean pairing them up with another instructor who is stronger or inviting them to attend a PD that may help them with their area of weakness.  I will allow my staff opportunities that will help develop their potentials.  Also, in order to nurture and sustain a culture of collaboration to enhance my vision I will make sure my staff knows what my vision is.  I will also model the way.  I think a good administrator is also one who is a great example of a true collaborator.  The goal is for the school to make the vision a reality together – not separately.  If the administrator has shown that they value collaboration and not just say it but show it, then I think the staff will be more likely to follow in suit.  

I am a firm believer that an administrator can not just be in their office behind closed doors.  They are the instructional leaders of the building so they should be very visible, always involved and aware of what is going on in the classrooms that they are responsible for.  I feel that they should be in the classroom seeing what is happening all the time, not just when it is time to do an evaluation.  If there are new initiatives that have been handed down to teachers, the administrators should not just be aware of what they are, but actually understand what is being done – even if that means being hands-on and working in the classrooms to see just what those initiatives entail.  I would also be sure that if I am asking them to buy into a new initiative, that they know the reason and the vision behind it.  I would make sure that they know I am right there in the trenches with them.   I don’t want to just stand in front of them and speak about something I haven’t tried or have no experience with.  I want them to know that I understand what I am asking them to do and I appreciate their support and hard work.  I am believe that people who feel appreciated will always work harder than those who don’t.

My goal will be that the students and parents in my building will be able to see and know that the administration and teaching staff are united and work as a collaborative team to do what is in the best interest of the children at all times.  I hope that when people come to my building, they will refer to it as a special place that feels and functions like one big, happy family.  When my staff describes me, I hope this is what they will say;  “Mrs. Taylor is  firm, fair, and consistent.  She is always approachable, compassionate, and understanding.  She is visible and aware of what is going on in our building.  She believes, supports, and encourages her staff and students.”

Jul 2017

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