After an unforgettable few years of undergraduate studies at Longwood University, this pursuit of continuing my education further fuels my passion to become a mental health counselor. Taking this next step in a graduate studies program would allow me to gain the knowledge, skills, field experience, and character traits that are highly favored in the profession. With a background in Education, Psychology, and Interdisciplinary Studies, my involvement in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program would leave a lasting impact on my future endeavors.

With further experience in childcare and camp counseling roles, I would consider myself responsible and reliable in situations where communication, safety, and collaboration are critical. My experiences have also narrowed my focus on specializing in areas of the youth population. Overall, I am satisfied with the decisions made throughout my educational career, and regret not a single thing. The following document contains my resume for review. If further questions or comments arise, please contact me at (571) 420-6386, or email me at