About Me

Lindsay Hively is currently advancing in her career as a Licensed Pediatric Counselor, with specializations in many areas: Anxiety, Selective Mutism, Trauma, and Self-Esteem Concerns. Forms of training that she is also certified in include Play Therapy and Art Therapy. Lindsay received her Bachelor’s Degree from Longwood University, having majored in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology. Continuing her studies at Longwood, she then earned her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her licensure is authorized in the state of Virginia, where she practices at this time.

During the first three years of attending Longwood, Lindsay had been studying to become an elementary school teacher in the university’s teaching preparation program. However, after her experiences in the field and becoming acquainted with professionals, she had found an ever greater interest in counseling for children. Her education courses soon became those delving in the field of Psychology, where the outlook of her future finally became clear. This underlying passion, and her fortunate opportunity to switch professions, strongly influenced her worth ethic and personal philosophies.

While working toward her career, Lindsay developed a personal mission statement to envision her goals and act on them effectively. Having divided her mission into the many roles acquired in her everyday life, she ultimately accomplishes her short and long-term goals with this simple phrase in mind:

To live authentically and altruistically. 

She aims to live a life that she has worked to her greatest potential for, while naturally having an unselfish regard for others. This mission acts on the building blocks of her career, as well as in her personal life. The importance of leadership was taught to her all throughout her time at Longwood. Dedicated to molding students into active citizen leaders, the university strives for it’s members to positively contribute to society. She understands that good things come to those who work diligently.

Extracurricular activities at Longwood that have promoted her position as a citizen leader include:

  • Club Lacrosse: President and Vice President
  • Beyond the Numbers Club: Tutor
  • Psychology Club: Member

Previously paid work experience leading up to Lindsay’s professional career include:

  • Childcare Provider: Babysitting & Nannying
  • Jewelry Store Consultant Assistant
  • Summer Camp Counselor

These activities and work experiences have shaped Lindsay into the leader she is today. She could not be more grateful for the opportunities provided for her.