Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

Calling all modern architecture enthusiasts and those who enjoy funny looking buildings! Come to the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia (City of Culture of Galicia), a cultural center in Santiago de Compostela. These buildings are supposed to represent rolling hills, and it is clear why once you look at the pictures. Not even are any two windows the same at this unique cultural center. There are six buildings that go in three pairs: the Museum of Galician History and the International Art Center; the Music Theater and Center for Cultural Innovation; and the Galician Library and Periodicals Archive

The City of Culture of Galicia came to be in 1999, when American architect Peter Eisenman entered a contest put on by the Parliament of Galicia for the purpose of finding the best design for a new cultural center. Many other prominent architects participated, but in the end, Eisenman’s design was chosen for its most pleasing visuals and how they fit in with the landscape. Up until 2013, Eisenman and his team of architects worked on this project and completed all but two buildings. 

With something for everyone, from a 1500 seat music theater to a library, the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia is something worth going to, and I hope you do!

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