Dating back to 1264 under Pope Urban IV, the festival of Corpus Christi is Toledo’s biggest and most famous festival. Every year this festival falls on the Sunday of the ninth week after Easter, and the “Monstrance”, also known as the Custodia de Enrique de Arfe is paraded through the streets. Preparations for the festival begin long before the parade, with decorations such as wreaths and lanterns being put up five weeks before the parade. The day before the parade antique tapestries are put on display along the route, this is the only time these tapestries are displayed outdoors! On the day of the festival many people will gather around to see the Custodia de Enrique de Arfe, a elegant and massive piece of art first made in the fifteenth century using seventeen kilograms of the fiorst gold brought back to Spain from the Americas. Another addition was made by a german metalworker between 1514-1524.

This massive piece of artwork is walked along Toledo’s historic streets, with church bells tolling and fragrant flowers and herbs lining the streets until it is returned to the cathedral. This historic festival is sure to wow students with its extravagant beauty.

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