Everyone knows Hemingway for his writings, but something not many notice is the role of Valencia, and the whole of Spain, in his novels. In his very first novel, The Sun Also Rises published in 1926, two distinct places are mentioned, a restaurant, La Pepica, and the beach La Malvarrosa. There are mentions of Valencia in seven other publications by Hemingway including For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940) and A Farewell to Arms (1929). In an article published by 24/7 Valencia, it’s noted that Hemingway spent his days writing in bed before having a late lunch, followed by his attendance at the bullfights, and finally ending his day at Malvarrosa for a late swim. Hemingway treated Valencia as his headquarters, always returning to the same spots for fun and writing. In 1937, Valencia was rumored to be the place where he would take his lover, and later third wife, Martha Gelhorn a renowned war correspondent for a getaway during the war. The last documented time Hemingway was in Valencia was 1959 when famous photographer Paco Cano photographed him standing next to bullfighter Antonio Ordonez. If you’re looking for places to visit in Valencia many of the same places Hemingway stayed, ate, and socialized at are still around, click here and here for names of some of these places.

Hemingway and Ordonez in 1959 https://www.auction.fr/_en/lot/paco-cano-2-photographs-of-hemingway-with-dedication-1959-6013495
La Malvarrosa Beach