Hello! My name is Shannon Henshaw I am a senior at Longwood University that is studying liberal studies with plans to teach elementary students. I have 4 years of substitute experience that has taught me skills such as classroom management and classroom community. I currently work as a PALs tutor at Southside Elementary which is a ELL (English language Lerner) and Tittle 1 school. I have been interested in education since I was a child for example, I lined my stuffed animals and played pretend school. It was a start to my passion for education but in the future I hope to make a significant impact on a child’s life. In my classroom I will use my professional writing skills to communicate with staff and parents. Each assignment taught me how to sound professional in my writing and will be uses a significant amount in my professional development.

Description of course outcomes

ENGL 470 (W-intensive, 3 credits) will focus on writing for workplace settings from a rhetorical perspective. Students will study strategies for effective professional communication, including the basics of copyediting and document design, and produce writing genres commonly found in the professional world (e.g., business, government, and media). The course will culminate in a portfolio that students can use to showcase their skills in the professional world. Upon thesuccessful completion of the course, students willbe able to1) analyze and produce writing genres according to the rhetorical situation of workplace contexts;2) create professional documents that use plain English principles(to targeted audience); 3) conduct research to create content for avariety of professional documents (memos, letters, reports, etc.);4) create professional documents that use designprinciples; 5) practice oral communication skills to present content effectively (enhanced with multimedia tools);6) participate productively in collaborative projects.