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The title was a mistake but like most of my life’s failures I’m leaving it in.


All of the group work

Aug. 28-30 Haussamen, Ch. 1, 3-6

There are apparently three rules for teaching grammar.  According  to the NCTE/IRA the general reasoning behind this is to “embody a coherent, professionally defensible conception of how a field can be framed for purposes of instruction” which is a really dry, clinical way of saying “If we don’t set a standard for English we can’t instruct it properly so here’s a book about it”.

I’m sorry; I’ve had three hours of sleep.  Frankly, I could care less about the rules and proper names for things– I.e the mechanics– provided the information is presented in a legible, professional manner and the point gets across.  But what do I know, right?

I’m letting you know ahead of time I repeatedly forget how to quote things, specifically, where the heck the comma/period goes, before or after the quotation and I use commas way too much.  I understand it’s necessary to instruct the basics before anyone can get anywhere but my previous grammar instruction made me actually hate writing because of the mechanics.  I love writing.  I hate mechanics.  And yet, I’m one of the most critical people when it comes to writing.

Chapter 3

Grammar terminology.  Ice pick lobotomy.  Same thing.  Or, same level of enjoyment.

I’m sorry I will be more clinical and academic in later entries but honestly I’m just shocked I’m still awake right now.  Why must I procrastinate?

“The key to teaching grammar terminology is making the activity meaningful.”  I agree, but also: ice pick lobotomy.  Meaning without enjoyment is just tedium.  Tedium leads to wandering attention and poor test grades.  Not to mention resentment of the subject as a whole, high test anxiety, and poor self-esteem.

I think we can solidly put me in the corner of the teachers who don’t see how identifying parts of speech should be the central focus.  I much prefer teaching to communicate effectively as this puts them at an advantage in terms of social interaction, professionalism, and perceived level of intelligence based on their mastery of English as a flowing, creative piece of work.  I couldn’t tell you what a participle is, but I can still write you an eight page essay on how the importance of a change in the United States education greatly impacts future generations or give you a creative short story.  All because I was bullied and books were my friends.  I basically lived in the library from middle school on.

Chapter 4: “Meaning takes precidence over rules.” ~Noden p. 38

See, this dude gets me.  I like you, dude.  Sir.  Dude-sir.  Seriously, this is legitimate because without meaning, language is just gutteral noises or chicken scratch on a cave wall.  I cn tlk lyk dis and while it’s annoying and makes me want to claw my eyeballs out with a spoon, if you’re a native speaker (and have been on the internet, particularly 4chan) the meaning gets across.  It’s not pretty.  It’s not neat.  It is, in fact, the equivalant of a 3 AM Taco Bell bowel movement after an entire pot of coffee; but it’s there, it exists, and one can derive meaning from it.

Chapter 5: Speaking of native speakers…. I accidently segued and it was flawless, 10/10.  Did I mention the whole three-hours-of-sleep-classes-all-day-my-eyeballs-are-melting-with-my-brain… thing?

I think… I’m gonna do the smart thing and pick this up tomorrow when my brain isn’t like, “Dude.  What the french fries are you doing? You are totally bombing this thing.”  But hey, even if I bomb, I hope I provided at least a small bit of entertainment.  I still intend to ace this class.  This is me tripping at the starting line.  Sorry.