9. Technology


Theatre is in a constant state of evolution when it comes to technology. This gives student the opportunity to be working with equipment, which even if outdated by theatre standards, is far beyond anything they would have the opportunity in other classrooms. Most students now a day students hear technology and think of their phone but theatre is more of a practical application of technology. Lighting and electrical, learning how electricity works is important and can help students later in life. Sounds and the wiring for the speakers is another practical application. Learning to use a sewing machine and how to craft their own clothes. All of these skills fall under technology and none of it can you do stuck behind a computer screen. There is many computer skills that theatre can teach students as well but with the plethora of computer skills in todays society I fell that it is the practical technology skills that are unique to theatre and offer students an advantage.

Though it may be a while till it reaches most educational theatres, digital technology is changing theater. A recent BBC article detailed how it was both welcomes and rejected. It related very well to education in the way that many times the new is rejected in fear that it can dilute the nature and art of the original work. It is promising to read though such an article and see technology that is not extravagant and possible to reach the educational level faster then others.[1] Back in the 1980s as new technologies began to make their mark in theatre we still marvelled at Broadway and West End shows in which sound, lights and even the set was computer-generated to some degree. Computers and other technologies have transformed our every day lives and they have become a crucial part of the way theatre is made, and our theatre-going lives too. How far theatre technology has come! With technology at their fingertips, answers and images can be conjured by theatre practitioners immediately during the rehearsal or devising process, sound can be fed directly into the ears of the audiences at a moment notice. Technology in theatre has come a long way from the days of the Greek amphitheater and looking at the BBC article theatre has a long way to go still.

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