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I believe my writing is improving with every assignment I write. Since I am improving, students are able to see that nice and developed writing comes with practice.   I think that I can encourage my students to do their best on writing and that practice makes perfect.  I believe that as a writing instructor, I would be able to help my students learn about writing and approach it with a positive attitude.

I believe that writing instruction is extremely important for students to learn.  Writing is a way to communicate with themselves and with other people.  I think that students need to be able to write well and be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas.  Personally, I like using graphic organizers to help gather my ideas before writing.  I will encourage my students to use graphic organizers to help gather their thoughts before composing their writing.

I believe my portfolio demonstrates my beliefs about writing instruction through my synthesis.  I believe modeling is extremely important for students as I stated in my synthesis.  Also, I believe providing good writing instruction to students can benefit them in every subject and in the real world.  They will learn to communicate properly with people and be able to write with purpose.  My lesson plans are examples of how to incorporate writing into every subject.  Overall, the portfolio gave me an opportunity to express my feelings about writing instruction and integrate them into my lessons.

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