CTZN 110

CTZN 110 is a relatively new course because it became a part of the general education curriculum with the new Civitae structure. It is a very unique course due to the fact that there are nearly countless different section topics for students to enroll in. My CTZN 110 course was an honors section on the topic of “Society and its Monsters,” taught by Professor Leeyanne Moore.

This specific course section focused on questioning and understanding who the monsters are in our present and past society. One key question that the students were encouraged to ponder in regards to monsters was, “What characteristics about this person/creature are deemed unacceptable to certain community standards, and why?” Throughout the Fall ’19 semester, our class attempted to answer this question many times. Sometimes our arguments were successful but other times they were not. However, I never gave up and would continue to conduct further research and consult my professor. While this was sometimes a very challenging course for me, I did not allow myself to feel defeated. This was an important lesson for me to learn, and I plan to continue to develop my patience for education.

At the end of the semester at Longwood’s Research and Inquiry day, I presented on a panel board with fellow classmates on my chosen monster. Of all of the times that I have done presentations in my life, I had never participated in a panel discussion before. The skills that I learned from this will be incredibly helpful to me in college because it increased my ability to work with a team of others. My personal argument has been attached below. Do you believe that there were monsters in this case?

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