Physical Education 101

PHED 101 was one my my General Education courses I took during my Spring 2018 Semester.  It started out a little rough with some instructions being very vague, and the lack of class meetings because of the amount of people, but as the semester progressed it got a lot easier.  I started catching on to certain things the instructors would say in emails, and I learned how to read their assignments without getting confused or stressed.  Using our FitBits or other physical activity trackers throughout the semester really got me out walking places and not riding my scooter as much.  It was nice to look at my wrist and see how much I had walked that day.  It really got me outside and active.  At the end of 2 weeks we would record all of our activity from the past 2 weeks using those trackers and upload it to Canvas for an easy grade.  Attached in this page is a PowerPoint I did towards the end of the semester on Mindless Eating.  I’ve attached this presentation because just about everything else we turned in was directions for exercises or a quiz on Canvas.  Also, I liked doing this presentation.

Mindless Eating Mini-Research Experiment