Letter to my Senior Self

Dear Sam,

I know you can’t believe you made it this far.  I know the doubts you have hidden behind the large expectations of yourself ever since your first semester.  But don’t worry anymore, because you have made it.  You set your sights on this one goal and pushed through the struggles and anxieties and stresses, but you made it.  You were persistant.  But hey, think of all the things in French you can say now!  Think of what your high school French teacher would say if he could see you now!  Words can not explain how proud I, Sam during Freshman year, am of you.  Your little quirks and organizational habits and ways to combat stress and anxiety may not have at times been the best use of your time, but they sure worked didn’t they.  The point is, do not focus on the struggles that got you here today, just focus on the moment and be happy and glad and proud of yourself because you deserve it.  You worked so very hard for it because you know that you’re never guaranteed anything in life.

Best of luck in the future and teaching