History 110 Honors

History 110 served my Spring Semester as both a General Education goal and Honors Course.  As a General Education course, Western Civ. was really interesting and cool.  I really enjoyed the beginning of the semester where we learned about France and events that happened before, during, and after the Revolution, reading documents from those times, and analyzing paintings from those periods.  It was perfect because we started my French 330 class for that semester talking about the same things.  As an Honors Course, I really enjoyed this as well.  I loved getting into discussions with my other classmates, the 7 of them that there were, as well as with Dr. Holliday, who I thoroughly enjoyed.  We read some interesting books and had insightful debates.  Attached to this is my paper I did at the end of the semester based on a book we read “No god But God“, by Reza Aslan.  I wrote this paper on why Islam is hard to accept in contemporary society and Western culture based off of misinterpretations of the concept of Jihad.