About Me

Hi!  You’ve managed to find your way to my LongwoodBlogs ePortfolio.  A quick update from a year ago, I am now a rising Junior at Longwood, majoring in Modern Languages with a Concentration in French PreK-12 Education.  I’m from New Kent, VA, which is just off exit 214 on i64.  I enjoy learning about pre-Revolutionary/Middle Ages French history and literature, and I love learning about French grammar.  I was extremely fortunate enough to serve as the French Tutor during the Spring 2019 semester for Longwood’s English and Modern Languages department.

I enjoy relaxing at home by myself or with friends, either playing video games (Destiny) or watching TV (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks & Recreation), or spending time with my girlfriend and her dog.

Going from left to right for the pictures below is myself and my High School French teacher who actually attended Longwood!  Following is (from left to right), my previous roommate from the past 2 years, my girlfriend and myself.  I hope you enjoy my ePortfolio!