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Q: What is LOTI?
 LOTI is the Longwood Online Technology Institute. The purpose of LOTI is to help train and support faculty who wish to teach in online and hybrid formats. LOTI is now comprised of two parts, online teaching certification and a course review.

Q: How do I get training to teach online or hybrid for Longwood?
 All full time and adjunct faculty must complete online teaching certification to be able to teach online or hybrid classes. Certification is comprised of completion of the LOTI training and an informal review of your class after it has been taught one semester. Once you have completed the training class, you are eligible to begin teaching online. You must complete all of the steps to receive your online teaching certificate.

Q: Do I receive a stipend for participating in the training?
 Yes, a $500 stipend is paid to participants once they complete the training classes and the shadowing experience.
Please Note: Faculty who register and successfully complete subsequent sessions of LOTI will not receive stipend pay. Also, if you are taking LOTI and are not currently teaching a course for Longwood University, you will not receive the completion stipend until you are an active Longwood University faculty member.

Q: I’ve taught online before for another institution. Do I still need to complete the LOTI online teaching certification?
  It is possible for a faculty member to request that an online course designed by them be evaluated using the Quality Matters Standards in place of taking the full LOTI course. Should the course not meet the standards within the Quality Matters Rubric, the faculty member will need to take LOTI.

Q: I’ve taken a previous version of LOTI training. Am I still eligible to take the training and receive a stipend?
If it has been more than 5 years, a faculty member can retake LOTI and receive the  stipend when the LOTI course is fully completed.

Q: When are the certification trainings offered?
 LOTI and Course Enhancement sessions will be offered every fall, spring, and summer. You will have 8 weeks to complete LOTI training and up to one year to complete a Course Enhancement session, depending on your schedule and the semester in which you plan to teach your online or hybrid course.

If you have a question that we did not address, please contact Ashley Leslie, Instructional Designer.

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