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February 2020 DEC Newsletter

Unfavorite Course Image

February 2020: DEC OFFICE NEWS In this edition: Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard; Review of Canvas Grade Posting Policy Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard The course card dashboard automatically displays  course cards for up to 20 of your favorite courses. Did you know you can quickly reorganize or unfavorite course cards directly from …

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December 2019 DEC Newsletter

December 2019: DEC OFFICE NEWS In this edition: Intersession Reminders and Winter Break Updates Do you need help preparing/finalizing intersession courses? Make an appointment or stop by the DEC with any questions or support needs you have! DEC staff is available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm to help prepare your intersession courses with Panopto, Honorlock, WebEx, Canvas quizzes, …

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November DEC Newsletter

In this edition: Intersession LOTI Application, Meet the DEC, Quick Tip _ _ _ _ _ _ Intersession LOTI Did you think you had to wait until Spring to take LOTI?  You do not have to wait, LOTI Intersession is now accepting applications for the Intersession term. The course will begin on December 16th and …

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#TTT: Honorlock – New Cheating Deterrent

The newest technology that the DEC will be supporting is Honorlock, a cheating deterrent software. As a cheating deterrent, like its predecessor Respondus Lockdown Browser, Honorlock is not a guarantee to prevent cheating. However, it does make cheating very difficult, and allows instructors to review footage of their students’ entire testing session for inconsistencies. There …

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Final Vlog for Fall 2018

Second Vlog

Reduce Cheating with Respondus 4.0

When you think of Respondus, what comes to mind? From my discussions with professors, the first thing that comes to mind is Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser. Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser are very useful programs that allows for better online testing. They deter students cheating efforts. If your course runs LockDown Browser, it prevents …

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First Vlog

#TechTipThursday: Ricoh Theta 360° Camera

The Digital Education Collaborative may be synonymous with Canvas support but has so much more to offer the Longwood University community!  We have a variety of instructional technologies, such as our new 360° cameras, that can help foster a positive and stimulating learning environment. The Ricoh Theta 360° uses dual lenses to capture a full …

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Web 2.0 Apps: 15 + Great Ideas in 45 Minutes

Productivity 1. Google Apps- The Google suite of applications covers all of your technology needs, including email with Gmail, calendar and task applications with Gcal, video teleconferencing with Google Hangouts, cloud storage and document management with Google Drive, and a host of other helpfuls features. 2. Toggl- Toggl is an online tool that …

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