February 2020 DEC Newsletter

February 2020: DEC OFFICE NEWS

In this edition: Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard; Review of Canvas Grade Posting Policy

Quick Tip: Clean-up your Canvas Dashboard

The course card dashboard automatically displays  course cards for up to 20 of your favorite courses. Did you know you can quickly reorganize or unfavorite course cards directly from the dashboard? Each course card has an “Option” menu accessed using the menu link on the upper-right corner of each card. Simply click and choose what you want to do with the card. This is a quick and easy way to re-organize or clean up your Canvas Dashboard each semester. 

Unfavorite Course Image

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Canvas Grade Posting Policy

Posting/viewing grades in Canvas is important to both faculty and students. In some instances, instructors may want to “hold” student grades until all submissions have been graded, such as when grading a large number of writing  assignments. This allows all students to see their grades at the same time. 

Canvas has two grade posting policies: 

  1. Grade Posting Policy for a Course 
  2. Grade Posting Policy for an Individual Assignment

By default, Canvas uses an
automatic posting policy, meaning all assignments grades are visible to students as soon as they are entered in the gradebook. Alternatively, a manual posting policy can be set where grades remain hidden from students until the instructor posts them. Faculty have the option to set  automatic posting or manual posting for an entire course that will affect all assignments or for individual assignments. Note: it is recommended faculty set course and assignment posting policies before entering grades.

It is important for faculty to be aware of the grade posting policy they are using in their Canvas courses and to periodically review the Grades area to ensure grades are being posted as desired.

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