#TechTipThursday- Longwood Blogs: Getting Started with WordPress

Authored by Jess Moore, ITC

Getting Started with WordPress

Longwood provides WordPress to all students as a way to create blog posts and portfolios describing their coursework and experiences here on campus.  While some professors require e-portiflos for displaying academic work, all students have access to the site, whether it be for academic or non-academic purposes. The software allows for students to create their own blog sites where they can choose the themes, design the layout, and even link it to other social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.   An important feature is the ability to customize sharing settings to make the site public or private to certain viewers.  Here are some tips to help users navigate their blog sites:

Word Press Level 1


Come to the DEC to get assistance in building your own site using WordPress!

Call the DEC at 434-395-4332 to learn more!   Ruffner 136

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