#TechTipThursday- Targeted Messaging in Canvas with “Message Students Who”

Authored by Sarah Myroup, ITC

“Message Students Who”

Let’s step into the shoes of a professor. It’s the day an exam on Canvas is due, and half the class has not done it. Concerned for their success, a professor may wish to reach out to the students with a friendly reminder. Or perhaps, the exam has already been taken and students who failed will be given a chance to gain back some extra credit.  This is a message that would need to be passed along as well.  When a professor wishes to reach out to a select group of students in reference to one assignment, they seem to have only two options: make note of every student who fits the criteria and individually message them, or use Canvas to their messaging advantage.  However, there is a way to target messaging to specific students within Canvas!  Today we will be exploring a hidden gem of Canvas’ gradebook, the “Message Students Who…” feature.

This tool can be accessed through the gradebook of a  specific course. Professors can look to the top of their gradebook, where all the assignments are labeled.  They should select the three dots to the right of the assignment name to access a dropdown menu.  From there, they can select the “Message Students Who…” option.

This feature allows professors to reach out to select groups of students and craft messages based on why they need to be contacted.  It is a tool that can save professors a lot of time, as they do not have to individually identify who is in each group of students, and still allows them to send out a message.

Professors can select the group based on students who have not submitted yet, have not had their assignments graded, and who scored less than or higher than a specified amount. Once a group is selected, the individual students who will receive that message are listed below. A professor can remove certain students if necessary.

Beneath that, professors can draft their subject and message for the students. When it’s completed, they can choose to send their message!

This feature enables professors to save time and work straight out of their gradebook. It takes the burden off of professors to individually message students and streamlines the process so that everyone can be informed more quickly and effectively.

Interested in trying “Message Students Who” in your Canvas Course?

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