#TechTipThursday: Canvas LTIs for #edusocmedia

Today’s tip comes to you as a follow up to our earlier post on using social media as an educative tool. Now that you know how and why these tools can be used, we want to walk you through integrating these applications into your Canvas course.


To get started, choose a course in Canvas. In the left-hand navigation menu, choose settings >> apps. If you have an application in mind, you can search for it, by name, using the filter box (highlighted in blue in the second picture).

Choose ‘settings’

Choose ‘apps’ and search for app by name

Feel free to scroll through the entire list of apps to explore more of the options available to you. Examples of applications that can be found in the EduApp Center are Portfolium, ShareStream, and Twitter. Our focus today will be on integrating Twitter, but the steps are the same for most applications.

Select the tool that you would like to explore by clicking on the icon and choosing the ‘+ Add App’ button located directly under the application’s logo.

Choose ‘+ Add App’

Once you have the application installed, it is time to see how it works in the course! Navigate to your course’s assignments and walk through the steps to create a new assignment.  With the successful installation of Twitter, you will see the Twitter icon appear above the assignment text box. Once that has  been selected, a dialogue box will appear that will allow you to add a hashtag (#) or a handle (@), and how many tweets you would like displayed. Once you have embedded this, the tweets will appear in the assignment details.

Twitter icon

Choose hashtag or handle

Preview and embed

Tweets in assignment details

Certain applications, such as Portfolium, may require specific pieces of information that can only be obtained directly from the vendor.  If you would like help navigating the request process for this information or if you have questions duplicating the steps outlined in this post, please feel free to contact the Digital Education Collaborative.

*This post was drafted with assistance from Kayla, an Instructional Technology Collaborator 

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