#Tech Tip Thursday: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online polling tool recently added to the Digital Education Collaborative’s supported, and licensed, technologies. Offering more than 20 different question types for users to choose from when presenting questions, Poll Everywhere allows for instantaneous participation in class through the use of readily available technology, such as cellphones, laptops, and tablets. It also provides a way to give feedback, stimulate class discussion, and offer information in an alternative format. 

Using Poll Everywhere
To use Poll Everywhere, you must first make an account by navigating to the Poll Everywhere website. An account is required for those who are presenting and, in some cases, for those acting as participants. After the sign in process, each user can begin their unique experience. 

As a presenter, you can create, edit, and present polls. Shown below are the ways in which a user can navigate the Poll Everywhere site to begin presenting content. 

Users can only allowed to present one poll, per account, at a time. There are a plethora of settings that a presenter can change, such as whether participants have screen names, how participants respond (via text or web browser), and response settings. When in the main screen (shown above), navigate to the top-right corner to the cog icon and choose ‘My Settings’. The next screen will display each of these settings. 

As a participant, you can respond to most questions from an app on your phone, text messages, or via web browser.

For Use with Presentation Software
Presenters have the ability to present from several different platforms. On option is directly from the Poll Everywhere website; you can also present from the app (seen below). 

With some quick and easy steps, you can also insert polls into a Google Slides, a PowerPoint, or a Keynote presentation. 

Google Slides
When presenting with Google slides, accessible from both Mac and PC, you can insert polls through a Chrome browser extension. You can click here for directions on adding this extensionOnce the extension has been installed, you will be able to integrate any of your previously made polls into the Google Slides presentation. 

To use Poll Everywhere in Keynote, an app is required from the Poll Everywhere site. You can find the link and instructions to download hereOnce the app has been downloaded, you will be able to integrate your previously made polls into Keynote slides or create new polls. 

To use Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint, an app is required You can find the link and instructions to download here. Once the app has been downloaded, you will be able to integrate your previously made polls into PowerPoint slides or create new polls. 

Why Use Poll Everywhere?
Research has informed proven practices which show that students learn best in small intervals, which can be confirmed through the use of Poll Everywhere. For example, after providing content for a short time, a professor could insert a short poll (2-3 questions)to assess student learning and identify areas for future focus of instruction. This could help foster in class discussion and with consideration of diverse points of view. The Digital Education Collaborative will be happy to talk with you about the opportunities that exist for use of Poll Everywhere in Canvas. 

If you would like to learn more about Poll Everywhere or have trouble duplicating the steps above, please visit the Digital Education Collaborative (136 Ruffner Hall) or contact us directly if you have additional questions.

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