#TechTipThursday: Trello

Trello is one of several free tools that are available to support online task management. This solution enables users to create lists, or cards, with or without due dates; develop checklists to track progress; upload files; and apply labels to categorize content. Labels, like Twitter hashtags or WordPress tags, make searching for specific tasks more efficient. In addition to organizing tasks, users can create teams to facilitate collaboration on tasks. Trello boards allow for an unlimited number of members providing variable-use cards ranging from managing group responsibilities to a self-management tool. Trello offers a variety of “power-up” features including a calendar utility and a Google Drive integration. Free accounts can take advantage of 1 power-up feature at a time but have the ability to use them interchangeably. Trello works wherever you are and can be downloaded on your mobile devices and computers. As the focus for this week’s #TechTipThursday, this post offers an introduction to Trello.

How to Access Trello

Visit https://trello.com/ and click ‘Sign Up’. After you enter your name, email address , and password you will need to accept the terms and conditions before you can ‘create new account’.

To add a new board, choose the plus icon on the top right of the page and select ‘create new board’, give it a name, and choose ‘create’ to save these changes. See the images below to see screenshots of the process.

Once the board has been created, you can add additional collaborators by choosing the team at the top left of the screen and selecting ‘view team page’,  tab over to the ‘members’ option. Users can be added on the left of the screen by name or email.


To organize tasks, add items into the ‘To Do’ section. Once a task has been completed or is in progress, it can be moved to the correspondence categories shown below. To add a task, choose the ‘add card’ option under the corresponding column.

You can add due dates to your tasks, but expanding the card box. Once dates have been added, you can choose ‘view calendar’ to see all events in a monthly calendar.



Trello in Higher Education

Trello can be used to manage small individual project or large group tasks. For faculty, Trello allows you to monitor group progress. Trello can not only be used in the academic realm, but in the residence halls, roommates can manage chore responsibilities.

If you would like to learn more about Trello and how it can enhance the academic environment at Longwood, please visit the Digital Education Collaborative (136 Ruffner Hall) or contact us directly if you have questions or issue duplicating the steps outlined in this post.

*All photos and instructions were adapted from trello.com using a computer web browser.

*This post was drafted by Carrie, an Instructional Technology Collaborator

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