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Is there a student debt Crisis?!?

Is student debt a crisis or not? That is a very good question! A good way to answer this question is to focus on Statistics. First, of the 20 million Americans that attend college, 60% of them borrow money to help pay for costs. There are about 37 million people with outstanding student debt. This …

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Occupy Student Debt

While searching the net to learn more about the student debt crisis, I came across an interesting website. This website discussed a new movement that is starting to sweep our nation. It is called “Occupy Student Debt.” I had to go and figure out more about this. I have only heard about the Occupy Wall …

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Do Students Need A Bailout?!?

Do students really need a bailout? Many people around the United States think this. According to Robert Davis, other students do not think that students need to be bailed out. Mr. Davis is a master’s student that is attending Virginia Tech. He writes an article about the H.R. 4170 bill and the student debt crisis …

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Obama’s View on Student Debt

Next month, several people will be heading to the polls to vote for who they want as president. I figured this would be a good time to do some research on the candidates and their platforms. The issue that I of course wanted to focus on is their ideas of getting rid of student debt. …

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My money covers what?!?!?

Now that I have been blogging for several weeks, I think it is time to narrow down potential topics for my proposal. I have discussed student debt, rise in tuition costs, and a potential solution. Now, I am going to focus on what exactly your money pays for. I am sure that you or your …

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H.R. 4170

Could there be a solution to end the Student Debt Crisis? On March 8th, 2012, Representative Hansen Clarke introduced the Student Loan Forgiveness Act or H.R. 4170. I’m very skeptical of this solution, so I figured it would be smart to do some investigating.  What is the purpose of this bill? H.R. 4170 wants to …

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You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide from the Student Debt Monster!!??!!

Hey, you! Blog Reader, did you know that you can try and run from student debt, but you cannot hide from it? Did you know that debt collectors are using your inability to pay to their advantage? Everyone knows that America is considered the land of opportunity and possibilities. Similar to Andrew Carnegie, everyone wants …

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College Costs is on the Rise!

Did you know that the cost of college education is on the rise once again? Did you know that it is estimated to reach 6 figures by the year 2025 four years of college will cost over $80,000? Did you know that college loans are at an all time high? After High School, several students …

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Hello world!

Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Hello world, I am Destiney Jones! This is my first blog intoducing myself to the world. I’m a senior and a Political Science major. In this blog we were told to focus on issues. After thinking about it, I have finally decided what issue I should focus on. The community I am going to focus on …

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