Do Students Need A Bailout?!?

Do students really need a bailout? Many people around the United States think this. According to Robert Davis, other students do not think that students need to be bailed out. Mr. Davis is a master’s student that is attending Virginia Tech. He writes an article about the H.R. 4170 bill and the student debt crisis also. He believes that this bill is too good to be true. He feels that the bill has good intentions, but they aren’t helping the situation. He feels that students may become free riders. He gave an example of the banks and how they needed the help of the American people to bail them out. They in turn became freedom riders. They may do this because he feels that people are self-interested and self-motivated. The article mentions that students would need a third party to help bail them out of their debt situation. The burden would then leave students and fall on the American people or the taxpayers.

He states that Americans would be forced to participate in this because they can either save students or deal with a possible second depression. These are two extremes and no happy median for people. The article then discusses two different types of students. The first kind is the “party students.” They go to keggers, parties and graduate with a “social” degree. This is a degree in just being social and nothing more than that. He mentions that students tend to go abroad which costs money or major in areas that have very little job opportunities for them.  The second kind of student is the ones that are there to get an education. Focusing all of these elements he called it a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t add up because students are graduating in debt. He believes that students need to take responsibility for their actions and their decisions. They need to assess their risks and actions and be prepared to deal with the consequences. He feels that students shouldn’t expect a bailout when things go sour. He doesn’t want the debt to be pushed on his fellow Americans. He feels that we should focus more on the rising cost of college and not the student debt part. He feels that people are the blame for their actions.

This article has an interesting perspective, but there are a vast amount of counter arguments that can prove this argument wrong. I understand his prospective and his points. I just think that he over generalizes. There are many different types of students that have no choice, but to apply for student loans. In our society, education is the needed in order to better yourself financially, economically and socially. He seems to only focus on the aspect of bailing out party students that make bad decisions. I know that actions have consequences. Sometimes those actions are necessary so that people can better their life situations. This bill could help inner city kids have a chance to afford college and not go due to the fact that they cannot afford this. Instead of focusing on the party students, he should focus on the students that will use this bill to help them give back financially. According to the bill, tax payers aren’t the ones that would be bailing out students. Instead, the money that will be generated after we end a war on foreign land will pay for student debts. This is just one solution that can help the problem. Mr. Davis should focus on that. Students may not need a bailout, but they need a solution. Not everyone is priviledged and have parents that can afford to send them in college. Sometimes, you need assistance which can either help or hurt you. Loans are hurting students and soon the entire economy will find out just how bad.

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