My money covers what?!?!?

Now that I have been blogging for several weeks, I think it is time to narrow down potential topics for my proposal. I have discussed student debt, rise in tuition costs, and a potential solution. Now, I am going to focus on what exactly your money pays for. I am sure that you or your parents have read your Ebill for Longwood University and thought… “What the hell is my money paying for?” Well, I am on your side Longwood Students! I did some research and tried to figure out more about where your money goes.

At Longwood University, there are certain fees that you must pay and tuition. In state students pay $204 dollars per credit hour. Out of state student pay $592 dollars per credit hour. This is already showing a significant difference for those that are in state and out of state. I understand why they do this, but out of state students already have a burden placed upon them. Longwood also has some fees that need to be paid. First, there is a comprehensive fee. This fee covers, safety initiatives, building repair/maintenance, Campus beautification/Grounds maintenance, Student Health and Wellness Services, LCVA, FAB, Athletics, Student Union/ Programming and various other services. This costs $151 per credit hour. There is the Student Activity Fee is an administrative fee that covers student organization costs. This is $6 per credit hour. There is a registration fee, which is $2 per credit hour. This is a fee for signing up for classes on mylongwood. Other fees are just for out of state students, those that take an online class, internship fees, science lab fees, and other various fees.

Now this is rather expensive already and it doesn’t include room and board and meal plans. Room and Board ranges from $2,762 to $3,907 dollars. Meal plans vary in prices as well. Adding up all of these is very high and is only going to increase. I think that this is not right. College is supposed to help people achieve the American dream. It is supposed to put people on an equal playing field. When it comes to college, many people tend to go for the bigger name schools. The prices to attend those schools are even greater. With all of this in mind, is there any question to why students end up in debt. You apply for school get in, pick classes, and then get hit with so many hidden fees and ways that the school wants your money. This is a problem that looks like it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Longwood’s tuition is considered to be on the lower end of the spectrum, but it is still expensive. There are still schools that have much higher costs than ours. There must be a solution because our money is going into hidden fees and places we may not want to support. So, next time you read your bill for the Spring semester, think about where exactly your money is going to.


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  1. I agree, I cannot understand the amount that college costs here in America…In the UK I paid 2,000 pounds per year for tuition. I just don’t understand why it is so different? Also, I hate to say this, but American education isn’t even held as the highest education in the world standings so I will have serious issues getting into grad-school back in Europe, so really why does it cost this much?

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