What can I expect from online classes?

Just because you are working online, you are still in school and will be required to complete assigned work by set deadlines. Professors are working to deliver class content to students through a variety of methods and working with students to navigate any issues faced with online learning.

Depending on the way your faculty organize their online classes, you:

  • may be required to be online with your class, small groups, or your instructor at the same time (also called synchronous instruction).
  • will still be required to submit assignments by required due dates.
  • will be required to stay up-to-date on coursework, rather than being able to work whenever you want.

 How much time should I be spending on my classes?

In a typical in-person class, for every hour you spend in class, you should be spending another two hours outside of class on work. With a move to online instruction, the total amount of expected work should remain the same, but the types of interaction will be different. Your instructors will determine how class meeting times will be changed in the online environment so that the total amount of time spent on the class remains the same.

 Where do I find my coursework?

Your professor will be in touch with you on how to access coursework. Most content will be available on your course’s Canvas site. If you have not been in touch with your instructor and do not see your class in Canvas, please contact your instructor immediately.

What if I need a specific piece of equipment like a laptop to participate in my coursework, but I don’t have it?

We can help. You can check out a laptop from the Digital Education Collaborative or Greenwood Library. iPads are available from the DEC as well. We have a limited supply of webcams, but have ordered more that will be available soon.

Both the DEC and the Greenwood Library have other equipment you may need. Contact the DEC at or 434-395-4332. Contact the library at or 434-395-2433.

What if I have questions about accommodations related to my documented disability?

The Office of Disability Resources is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. To contact them, call 434-395-2391, email, or get in touch with director Dana Miller-Kieran at

 Is the IT Help Desk still open?

The Help Desk is open and ready to help you with issues like passwords, Lancer Net, or hardware and software questions. Visit their website or call 434-395-4357.

 What is the DEC?

The Digital Education Collaborative (DEC) is an office on campus that supports distance and online instruction for both students and faculty.

 What if I don’t see the Canvas site for my course?

Contact your instructor first to ensure the course is published. If the course is published and you still can’t see it, or if you are unable to get in touch with your instructor, please reach out to the DEC at or 434-395-4332.