Panopto is a screen recording and presentation software that faculty can use to present their lectures and give course examples in an asynchronous environment. Faculty can use Panopto to record voice over PowerPoints or share examples on their computer desktop. After recording, you can place a link to the presentation directly into your course.

Panopto can be downloaded through the Help Desk onto your Longwood University owned machine. You must have administrative privileges to place this program onto your computer. 

Panopto can also be downloaded through Canvas by enabling the Panopto button through settings in your course and then clicking the Panopto Recordings link. You will then see an option at the top of the screen that reads Create, click that and then click Record a Session and then finally click Download Panopto. Through this method, you will also need administrative rights. 


If you need assistance, please reach out to the DEC – or 434-395-4332.