Honorlock is a test integrity system that provides cheating deterrents for online tests, quizzes and assignments through identity verification, a browser guard, proctoring, mobile device detection, and seek and destroy technology for similar questions on the web.

Honorlock is not required for all quizzes/tests. Faculty that use Honorlock can select which Canvas quizzes they want to enable with Honorlock. Faculty can also select what “lock-down” options they wish to enable with each quiz. Fully online courses are required by federal regulation to verify the identity of students at least once during a semester, Honorlock is a way of doing this. 

Honorlock can only be used with Canvas quizzes. If you have publisher quizzes you wish to use, you must make the quiz into a Canvas quiz. 

Students do not need to upload or download anything when taking a test with Honorlock.They will have to install a Chrome browser extension, but this is only an extension and not a download/upload issue. Quizzes that record student video are recorded automatically as they complete the test and are saved as soon as they submit their Canvas quiz. There are no recordings or videos for students to upload.


Best Practices

Proctoring Guidelines – We recommend communicating your exam guidelines to our proctors, via the Proctor Guidelines field, when enabling your assessments with Honorlock. These guidelines can also be shared with students via your Learning Management System (LMS), added within your course description, or included within your course’s syllabus.

Student Preparation – Utilize the Student Instructions field, when enabling your exams with Honorlock, to set expectations with your students. If your exam is an open book assessment, or if students are allowed to utilize their notes, this is where to communicate these exam specifications. Additionally, remind students to charge their devices prior to starting their exam, and that they need a reliable internet connection during testing. Students can test their internet connection on our support page here. We also recommend that students take their exams in a quiet, private location to limit potential flags and distractions.

24/7 Support – Honorlock offers 24/7 faculty and exam-taker support. Encourage your students to reach out to Honorlock directly if they have any questions. Students can also visit honorlock.com/support, or send us a live-chat if they have any questions or concerns. Students who experience technical issues should contact us first.



What do I need to know before taking my exam?

Ensure your computer is charged and has a strong internet connection. You can check your system at ​honorlock.com/support​. Make sure to use Google Chrome when you log in to take your test. We recommend students take their exam in a quiet private location to limit potential flags and distractions.


Why do I need a photo ID?

What forms of ID are acceptable? We verify the photo and name on your ID to ensure you are the correct test taker. You can use any government issued (i.e. driver license, passport) or a student ID that has your photo.


What if something goes wrong during my exam?

Don’t worry, Honorlock offers technical support 24/7 to assist students before, during, and after their proctored tests. If you need any assistance, contact our support agents by phone or live chat. The support line for students is – ​(855) 828-4004


Why am I being prompted for an access code?

If you are being prompted for an access code you are most likely not in ​Google Chrome​ or you do not have the ​Honorlock Chrome Extension​.


What is the Honorlock Chrome browser extension?

The Honorlock extension is a small program that modifies the Chrome web browser and not your computer. Nothing is installed on the computer. Students can remove the Honorlock Chrome extension as soon as their exam is submitted.


What equipment is needed?

You will need to have a working webcam, microphone, and either a laptop or desktop computer. Integrated or external USB will both work.


How is my privacy protected?

Honorlock is FERPA compliant and uses securely encrypted protocols to save and view all test taker assets. Honorlock’s certified proctors and your institution’s faculty are able to review test session videos until deleted based on the school’s retention policy.


What about accessibility and students with special needs?

Honorlock is VPAT certified and fully accessible to students with special needs. Additionally, Honorlock works with screen readers if needed.


Does Honorlock determine who is cheating?

No. Honorlock simply reports back possible incidents. Ultimately, your instructor determines if cheating occurred by viewing the video recording.


What if students don’t have adequate internet access?

Maintaining digital equity for all students is a major hurdle for most college campuses right now because if they don’t have access to the internet during the coronavirus crisis, it will be impossible for them to learn. With shelter in place requirements in place or coming, even the public library may not be an option for learning for quite some time.

Here are some suggestions for how students can gain access to the internet:

Spectrum is offering free broadband and Wi-Fi internet access for 60 days to students impacted by the coronavirus shutdown. Charter Communications, Spectrum’s parent company, announced Friday that beginning March 16, it will make its services available for free for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who don’t already have internet through the company. Installation fees will also be waived for new student households. It also said it would open its Wi-Fi hotspots for public use.
Comcast is also making it easier for low-income families who live in a Comcast service area to sign up by offering new customers 60 days of free Internet Essentials service, which is normally available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month. The company is also increasing internet speeds for the Internet Essentials service from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps for all new and existing customers, which will be the speed of the service going forward.
More vendors may be offering access as the pandemic response matures.


What if I or my students lose the internet? Will their exam answers be lost?

Honorlock offers 24/7 technical support 365 days a week to help students with issues as they take their exam, easily accessible through an Honorlock support menu available on their screen. Honorlock also monitors additional activity like someone trying to leave the test session, copy/paste questions, or open a new browser. We also have encrypted protocols in place to save work, view the test taker’s answers, and allow the proctor access to review exam session videos.