Honorlock requires the use of Google Chrome and the Google Chrome Honorlock Extension to complete assessments.


Install Google Chrome
Install Honorlock Chrome Extension 


**You must use Google Chrome and the Honorlock Chrome Extension to complete assessments requiring Honorlock.**

Getting Started with Honorlock:

When taking an Honorlock assessment, follow these guidelines:

  • Honorlock is not a live proctoring-service, you do not need to schedule an appointment with Honorlock in advance
  • Use Google Chrome and ensure you have the Honorlock Chrome Extension
  • Ensure you are in a location where you won’t be interrupted
  • Turn off all mobile devices, phones, etc.
  • Clear your desk of all external materials — books, papers, other computers, or devices
  • Remain at your desk or workstation for the duration of the test
  • Make sure your webcam is plugged in or enabled before clicking “Take the Exam”
  • When you are ready, click “Take your Exam” to start the authentication process
  • If you are asked for an access code, it means you are not in Google Chrome or do not have the Honorlock Chrome Extension installed
  • Know that you will be recorded during the assessment to ensure you’re using only permitted resources
  • Honorlock will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted


Honorlock Student Guide 

Honorlock Canvas Video


What if students don’t have adequate internet access?

Maintaining digital equity for all students is a major hurdle for most college campuses right now because if they don’t have access to the internet during the coronavirus crisis, it will be impossible for them to learn. With shelter in place requirements in place or coming, even the public library may not be an option for learning for quite some time.

Here are some suggestions for how students can gain access to the internet:

Spectrum is offering free broadband and Wi-Fi internet access for 60 days to students impacted by the coronavirus shutdown. Charter Communications, Spectrum’s parent company, announced Friday that beginning March 16, it will make its services available for free for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who don’t already have internet through the company. Installation fees will also be waived for new student households. It also said it would open its Wi-Fi hotspots for public use.
Comcast is also making it easier for low-income families who live in a Comcast service area to sign up by offering new customers 60 days of free Internet Essentials service, which is normally available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month. The company is also increasing internet speeds for the Internet Essentials service from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps for all new and existing customers, which will be the speed of the service going forward.
More vendors may be offering access as the pandemic response matures.

What if I or my students lose the internet? Will their exam answers be lost?

Honorlock offers 24/7 technical support 365 days a week to help students with issues as they take their exam, easily accessible through an Honorlock support menu available on their screen. Honorlock also monitors additional activity like someone trying to leave the test session, copy/paste questions, or open a new browser. We also have encrypted protocols in place to save work, view the test taker’s answers, and allow the proctor access to review exam session videos.