Welcome to the 8th Grade Class!

Through this process of writing the email home, and doing my classroom rules I struggled to make the length appropriate. With the email home I struggles most with including too much information, and I struggled with my grammar. However, even though I struggled I overcame the obstacles. This is the top priority I want to show to my students as well, that they are able to conquer whatever they want if they put their minds to it.

Email home:

Class rules:

This poster describes perfectly of how I would view diversity. It is so important to have diversity in the classroom with your students, but it is also important to teach students about diversity. How to handle diversity? How does society handle diversity? How have you seen diversity? What does diversity look like outside of school? These are some essential questions I would have for my students to just ponder, and think about in the process of teaching diversity.

I would teach diversity to my students by pulling in social justice issues that are going on around them. By pulling in newspaper articles and videos. Then as a class discuss what the social injustice was, and whether it was truly a social injustice. This will allow my students to understand what they believe in, and what they are willing to stand up for. With that being said, I would lead by example by treating all of my students with respect. My students will discuss the concept of social injustice, and what it means to them. Then, my students will write about a social injustice that they want to take a stand for.

My rules are a prime example for my classroom, and is exactly how I expect myself and my students to act. Treat each other with respect. With respect in the classroom, and respecting one another my students will be able to hold debates and conversations on different topics.

Over all, my students will learn what diversity means to them, and they will have the diversity poster hanging in the classroom to remind them what diversity in the class looks like. They will learn to take the concept of diversity outside of the classroom, and apply it to every day life. By doing this my students will learn how to be individuals, and begin learning where their beliefs and morals stand.

2 comments on “Welcome to the 8th Grade Class!
  1. Danielle Bondurant says:

    Your visual in the post about diversity is great! I think students would receive that well and it would initiate a great discussion. I also like your “lead by example” strategy. Students will definitely take note of your attitude and follow suit.

  2. Daniel Beecher says:

    I like the opener at the beginning of the post. A discussion of the struggles of creation is an excellent personal touch! I would be careful with the no worksheets rule as well as the “That is all I can ask for.” Rule as the former can be limiting while the latter can be a pitfall.